torsdag den 24. november 2016

Little Sister Taken For A Ride Bound And Gagged By Bossy Big Sister

Gemi mmpphh's and gag talks at her bossy big sister who speeds up the car and makes fun of her bound and gagged little sister's muffled grunts. Dakota takes Gemi's phone and sends a text to Gemi's boyfriend asking "do u want to fuck my big sister if I let you?". He quickly replies "hell yeah I will!", thinking the text is sent by his beloved (cheating) girlfriend, Gemi, who in reality is taped up, gagged and mmmpphhing in Dakota's car. Dakota is having a great time humiliating her little sister who is not happy about the thought of big sister's plan of fucking her boyfriend in return of what she did to her. It is a short ride and Dakota finally makes it to Gemi's boyfriend who just accepted to fuck with her. Dakota takes a selfie of her and tapegagged Gemi to show her friends later on before she leaves the car with her desperate little sister taped and loudly protesting inside!

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