fredag den 18. november 2016

Panty Cleaning Handgag Slave

Poor Indica just got kicked out of her apartment for not paying her rent. She is broke and desperate for a free place to stay so she put an ad on her social media sites asking the world for help. Indica was immediately contacted by tall blonde amazon Vicky Vixxx inviting over the homeless brunette to check out the room she has available. Indica arrives at Vicky's apartment and is taken upstairs to look at the room. Indica really loves the room and she is very grateful for Vicky's help... but nothing is for free! Vicky is aware that the desperate beauty is unable to pay rent so she comes up with a deal suggesting Indica to clean Vicky's worn dirty panties three times a week. Indica looks at Vicky with suspicion in her eyes and says that she will have no problem doing the laundry and throw Vicky's panties in the washing machine, but Vicky wants to clean her dirty panties using Indica's mouth. Indica helplessly tries to argue her way out of Vicky's odd proposal but she don't get to say much before Vicky dominantly puts her arm behind Indica's head and rapidly covers her mouth insanely tight!

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