tirsdag den 22. november 2016

Blackmailed Skype Model: Gagged Against Her Will

Everything starts as normal for young webcam model Anne DVille: She receives her money and goes on a private Skype show with a costumer who turns out to have a hidden agenda. The young cam slut gives a little tease and flirts with the guy watching when he tells her to gag herself. Self-gagging is not something Anne want to do so she kindly turns down his request to shut herself up. The guy insist to see Anne gagged and tells her that it will be either her gagging herself on cam or him coming over to gag her in real life. Anne is shocked to see her address posted in the chat field. She definitely don't wanna risk getting gagged by this stalker who has her address and so Anne is relentlessly forced to abide the costumer's request to gag herself with knee-high socks, worn panties and sticky white painters tape!


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