onsdag den 16. november 2016

Tape Gagged in Tight Mummification Bondage

The entangling tape ties are insanely tight on Rebecca's body and she is beginning to lose her patience while Carley really takes her time to find inspiration. Rebecca complains about the tightness of the tape only to get hushed on by the crazy artist. Rebecca is serious: the ties are really uncomfortable and she wants to be let out of her cocoon. Carley now gets an excellent idea in order to find that last piece of inspiration she badly needs. She grabs a white sponge and ruthlessly crams it inside Rebecca's whining mouth in order to shut her up. Rebecca protests for getting her mouth stuffed but Carley is determined to keep her complaining model nice and quiet. Carley quickly gags Rebecca with three long pieces of black duct tape matching the tape around her wrapped up body. Rebecca MMPPPHHs and desperately gag talks at Carley to let her go but Carley just love hearing those muffled words coming out of Rebecca's tapegagged mouth and encourages her to do more.


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