lørdag den 19. november 2016

What is the babysitter doing with mommy's soiled panties?

Snooping babysitter Princess Cica have gone through Mrs. Smith's bedroom drawer where she found a pink roll of bondage tape next to a large pair of white soiled panties. Cica wonder why Mrs. Smith would keep dirty panties and bondage tape in the same drawer and the only thing she can think of is that Mrs. Smith must be either gagging someone or getting gagged with the panties herself. The young snoop decides to make and record an experiment in which she will shut herself up with Mrs. Smith's well-worn panties and wrap bondage tape over her mouth and around her head to find out what Mrs. Smith seems to like about this kinky stuff. The curious babysitter soon learns how humiliatingly effective it is being gagged with such dirty panties which also triggers her gag reflex and causes her to gag on them too.


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