torsdag den 17. november 2016

Foot Worshipped Bound And Gagged

Kendra asks Raquel if she can please tie up her legs with the clear duct tape she keeps in the drawer because it's a big part of her fetish. Raquel picks up the tape and immediately starts to wrap Kendra's ankles up nice and tight. Raquel is ready to make her sweet girlfriend experience the amazing feeling of a good foot worship and softly begins to suck on Kendra's toes. Kendra loudly moans in pure satisfaction for getting her toes sucked by her helpful friend who goes very deep on each and every toe. Raquel sensually licks Kendra's soles and gnaws on her heels making Kendra's moaning even more intense. Kendra is loving the magic Raquel's mouth is doing to her feet so much that she can't control herself. Kendra tells Raquel that she is afraid their boyfriend's are going to hear her moan but Raquel doesn't care if they do. "Can you please tie my hands behind my back, gag me with one of my socks and put tape over my mouth so they won't hear me moan?", Kendra pleads her foot worshipping girlfriend.

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