tirsdag den 15. november 2016

Angry Mom Deals With Daughter's Evil School Bully

My mom is the best in the whole wide world! I was bullied by my bratty classmate Nyx for several months and my teachers couldn't do anything to stop her. I told my mom about Nyx and she promised me she would take care of it and put an end to the bullying once and for all. I was at tennis practice the night mom chose to grab Nyx and bring her to our house but I was later given the full details about what happened. Mom explained how she had tied Nyx' hands and ankles with the sticky silver duct tape she keeps in our kitchen and carried Nyx into our living room over her shoulder. Nyx is so small and tiny and my mom is a tall giantess! Nyx was put on the couch where she started to scream and yell so much that mom had to cover her mouth really tight to shut her up. Having been handgagged by mom myself I know how strong of a grip she has! Nyx started to cry in desperation behind her handgag but mom didn't give a fuck about it. She kept her strong hand clamped over Nyx' sobbing mouth while she dangled a pair of her dirty panties in front of her. Mom said the look on Nyx' face was priceless when she realized that mom's panties would be going in her mouth!

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