onsdag den 23. november 2016

Bound, Hand Gagged and Teased By Stepmom

Stunning amazon stepmom Vicky Vixxx is worried about her college boy stepson Russell Grand who haven't had a girlfriend in three years. Vicky is afraid that Russell's break-up with his ex three years ago has made him neglect his sexual life, so she gives Russell a lecture on the importance of having an orgasm and offers him her help to become sexually active again. Vicky gently starts to rub Russell's crotch but Russell think it's really weird having his dick rubbed by his stepmom so he retreats. Vicky is determined to release the tension from her stepson's pouch whether he likes it or not; afterall, Vicky is the one in charge in this house! Vicky grabs Russell's arms and pulls his hands behind his back where she ties him with duct tape. She rubs Russell's crotch again while he can't do anything about it due to the fact that his hands are tied. Russell complains that this is so wrong and asks Vicky to please stop doing this. Vicky rapidly slaps a hand over Russell'scomplaining mouth and covers it very tight to shut him up. Mmmpphh!


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