fredag den 9. december 2016

Hogtied and Gagged by Catsuit Burglars

Professional lady thieves Carleyelle and Lavinia break into a house to steal the diamonds rich bitch Jade is about to receive from her wealthy husband. Armed with white duct tape, masked and dressed in their black leather catsuits, Carleyelle and Lavinia enters the house through an open kitchen window and tiptoes their way to the living room. In here, Jade is enjoying a relaxing evening on the couch playing with her phone, not knowing anything about the catsuit burglars in her house. The cunning catsuit burglars rush into the room and overpowers the beautiful housewife who immediately starts to scream and struggle. Carleyelle grabs Jade by the mouth and covers it very tight to shut her up while Lavinia immediately starts duct taping her legs. Carleyelle lets go of Jade's mouth and forces her hands behind her back to tie her up. The catsuit burglars engage in a rough tie-up teamwork to get the fighting girl under control.

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