onsdag den 12. april 2017

Nicely Sock Packed, Tightly Tape Gagged!

Gagging herself for other guys isn't cheating, is it? Anne's boyfriend is out of town and Anne is craving a good gagging for her mouth while someone is watching her do it. The naughty little Brit stuffs a sock in her mouth and wraps multiple layers of silver duct tape around her head and in between her lips to make herself a really tight cleave gag. She love the unquestionable effect a good silencing gag has on her and her big babbling mouth. Anne gag talks and moans in helplessness due to the tight tape wrapped in her sock stuffed mouth. Her luscious lips beautifully bulge out from her extremely sexy tape cleave gag and they can barely move due to the tightness of the gag. She put on her begging eyes and shows her gagged mouth up close during the mmpphing gag talk the strong gag causes her to make. Time to get them poor lips covered in tape too, girl! Anne grabs the tape roll and wraps several more layers of tape over her already sock stuffed and cleave gagged mouth, over her lips and around her head for an even stronger, tighter and more silencing gag which now covers her whole lower face! Talk about a really tightly tape gagged girl!

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