søndag den 14. februar 2016

She gagged me with her dirty panties

Petite Lola Bella shows her BBW colleague Phoenix Wild the new belly button ring she just got. Phoenix don't think such piercing suits a skinny girl like Lola and begins to study the rest of her body. Phoenix unbuttons Lola's bra to get a look at her perky tits and orders her to lie down with her ass up. Lola has her delicious bubblebutt examined by the jealous BBW who can't stop making nasty comments about how skinny Lola is compared to herself.

Phoenix removes Lola's panties and checks out her thighs and trimmed pussy before making her lie down again. Having studied Lola's fine ass body, Phoenix want to bind and dominate Lola and gets some black rope. Lola doesn't seem to have a problem with getting tied up as long as Phoenix is having fun so she surrenders herself to the dominant BBW. Phoenix shows Lola a black thong. explains that it is her worn panties worn for 2 days straight and tells Lola to smell them. Lola refuses and shakes her head to avoid smelling the panties until she get her hair pulled back and her mouth covered tight by Phoenix holding the dirty panties.

Lola squirms and protests behind the tight handgag that forces her to sniff those panties! "Open up!" Phoenix says and ruthlessly stuffs her worn thong in Lola's mouth and commands her to keep them in there! Phoenix spanks her naked bound and gagged slut while verbally humiliating her, then pulling off one of Lola's knee high socks and cleave gagging her with it! Lola helplessly gag talks with the jealous BBW's worn panties stuck in her mouth. Phoenix want to keep Lola as a force feeding sex slave so she orders Lola to stand up and leads her into the closet where she's going to be for quite a while; bound, gagged and naked!

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