mandag den 15. februar 2016

Nosey News Reporter Caught Snooping

Several celebrities have had their private lives exposed by busty British news reporter Carleyelle who will do anything for a good story. Carley is on the phone with her editor as she heads to famous reality star Jet Black's apartment and finds an extra key hidden outside. Carley locks herself in and carefully snoops around to find some dirt on Jet when she gets a hand is clamped over her mouth from behind. Jet is home and she's got the nosey news reporter fighting to escape her tight handgag! Jet demands to know what the fuck Carley is doing in her house but Carley won't cooperate and desperately tries to free herself from Jet's firm handgagging grip. A while later Jet has the snooping reporter roped up and bitching at her so she handgags her again, shoves a pair of panties in her mouth and tapes it shut with white tape wrapped around her head! Carley is furious for being bound and gagged by the dark haired reality star who leave her busty captive to struggle while calling the police to arrest her! Will the nosey news reporter escape her tight rope bondage before the police comes?


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