søndag den 14. februar 2016

Arguing Handgag Sisters

Silly sisters Dakota Charms and Gemi Blossom are in the car waiting for Dakota's boyfriend to join them. Little sister Gemi want to pick up her boyfriend too but Dakota refuses to do that. Gemi is so pissed off and begins to argue against her big sister's decision when Dakota has enough puts her hand over Gemi's mouth to shut her up. Gemi is caught by surprise and desperately tries to talk behind the relentless handgag her dominant big sister puts on her. Dakota lets go and is instantly attacked by Gemi's hand that is now covering HER mouth! Gemi insists on having her boyfriend joining them too while Dakota mmmpphhh's and helplessly tries to fight off Gemi's tight handgagging grip! Gemi release her big sister from her grip and the argue continues with the two sisters repeatingly gagging eachother with their sexy hands resulting in super hot and continuous double handgagging where they handgag eachother at the same time and bitch through the other sisters hand! Who will win the argue?


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