torsdag den 13. august 2015

Turning Alex Into A Mummy

Dot slowly and thoroughly duct tape wraps Alex from her toes and all the way up to her shoulders until she has turned her girlfriend into the perfect mummy. About sixteen minutes later Alex wants to be gagged and asks Dot to gag her. Dot puts a strip of clear duct tape over Alex's mouth but it's too easy for Alex to talk so to quiet her down, Dot laughs and handgags her cocooned girlfriend tight. Perhaps a good mouth stuffing will become Alex? Dot goes through Alex's panty drawer to find a nice pair of panties to stuff in Alex's mouth. Alex begs for Dot to use a clean pair but Dot think it will be funnier to use a dirty pair instead and as soon as she returns, Alex get her mouth stuffed and taped shut with a dirty pair of her own panties while she mmpphh's and protests.


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