lørdag den 1. august 2015

Hogtied, Kicking And Screaming For Release!

What are you doing in my house?! Sexy Hazel Allure becomes the victim of a home burglary where she ends up bound, gagged and hogtied in her own house. Gagged with her own socks tied in with a plastic strip, Hazel screams for the burglar to let her go. She wriggles, squirms and struggle against her bonds which pacifies the outraged little hottie so well. Her desperate fight for freedom makes her short skirt crawl up over her perfect ass exposing what kind of underwear she is wearing today. A thong. A pink thong. This girl must be a naughty one and she is hogtied and gagged with a big wad of her own socks while she relentlessly screams to be let go!

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