lørdag den 1. august 2015

Don't Tell Mom We Do Gag Talk Videos!

Look at these two silly sisters Dakota Charms and Gemi Blossom paid to do kinky gag talk videos for a man on the internet. The sisters fear that mom is gonna walk in on them while they make the clip but mom is out for the day and won't be causing no trouble whatsoever. Each do the sisters gag one another nice and well for the guy who's paying them to make the clip and they gag talk and giggle like the silly little girls they are. Their muffled moaning gag talking voices are incredible listening mixed with the stunning sight of their gagged mouths. Knotted cleave gags, tight duct tape gags, sock stuffed mouths and worn panty hood sniffing is what the sisters are paid to do in this absolutely stunning video that is a must-see for all you kinky gag lovers out there!

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