onsdag den 12. april 2017

Nicely Sock Packed, Tightly Tape Gagged!

Gagging herself for other guys isn't cheating, is it? Anne's boyfriend is out of town and Anne is craving a good gagging for her mouth while someone is watching her do it. The naughty little Brit stuffs a sock in her mouth and wraps multiple layers of silver duct tape around her head and in between her lips to make herself a really tight cleave gag. She love the unquestionable effect a good silencing gag has on her and her big babbling mouth. Anne gag talks and moans in helplessness due to the tight tape wrapped in her sock stuffed mouth. Her luscious lips beautifully bulge out from her extremely sexy tape cleave gag and they can barely move due to the tightness of the gag. She put on her begging eyes and shows her gagged mouth up close during the mmpphing gag talk the strong gag causes her to make. Time to get them poor lips covered in tape too, girl! Anne grabs the tape roll and wraps several more layers of tape over her already sock stuffed and cleave gagged mouth, over her lips and around her head for an even stronger, tighter and more silencing gag which now covers her whole lower face! Talk about a really tightly tape gagged girl!

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fredag den 9. december 2016

Hogtied and Gagged by Catsuit Burglars

Professional lady thieves Carleyelle and Lavinia break into a house to steal the diamonds rich bitch Jade is about to receive from her wealthy husband. Armed with white duct tape, masked and dressed in their black leather catsuits, Carleyelle and Lavinia enters the house through an open kitchen window and tiptoes their way to the living room. In here, Jade is enjoying a relaxing evening on the couch playing with her phone, not knowing anything about the catsuit burglars in her house. The cunning catsuit burglars rush into the room and overpowers the beautiful housewife who immediately starts to scream and struggle. Carleyelle grabs Jade by the mouth and covers it very tight to shut her up while Lavinia immediately starts duct taping her legs. Carleyelle lets go of Jade's mouth and forces her hands behind her back to tie her up. The catsuit burglars engage in a rough tie-up teamwork to get the fighting girl under control.


torsdag den 24. november 2016

Little Sister Taken For A Ride Bound And Gagged By Bossy Big Sister

Gemi mmpphh's and gag talks at her bossy big sister who speeds up the car and makes fun of her bound and gagged little sister's muffled grunts. Dakota takes Gemi's phone and sends a text to Gemi's boyfriend asking "do u want to fuck my big sister if I let you?". He quickly replies "hell yeah I will!", thinking the text is sent by his beloved (cheating) girlfriend, Gemi, who in reality is taped up, gagged and mmmpphhing in Dakota's car. Dakota is having a great time humiliating her little sister who is not happy about the thought of big sister's plan of fucking her boyfriend in return of what she did to her. It is a short ride and Dakota finally makes it to Gemi's boyfriend who just accepted to fuck with her. Dakota takes a selfie of her and tapegagged Gemi to show her friends later on before she leaves the car with her desperate little sister taped and loudly protesting inside!


onsdag den 23. november 2016

Bound, Hand Gagged and Teased By Stepmom

Stunning amazon stepmom Vicky Vixxx is worried about her college boy stepson Russell Grand who haven't had a girlfriend in three years. Vicky is afraid that Russell's break-up with his ex three years ago has made him neglect his sexual life, so she gives Russell a lecture on the importance of having an orgasm and offers him her help to become sexually active again. Vicky gently starts to rub Russell's crotch but Russell think it's really weird having his dick rubbed by his stepmom so he retreats. Vicky is determined to release the tension from her stepson's pouch whether he likes it or not; afterall, Vicky is the one in charge in this house! Vicky grabs Russell's arms and pulls his hands behind his back where she ties him with duct tape. She rubs Russell's crotch again while he can't do anything about it due to the fact that his hands are tied. Russell complains that this is so wrong and asks Vicky to please stop doing this. Vicky rapidly slaps a hand over Russell'scomplaining mouth and covers it very tight to shut him up. Mmmpphh!


tirsdag den 22. november 2016

Blackmailed Skype Model: Gagged Against Her Will

Everything starts as normal for young webcam model Anne DVille: She receives her money and goes on a private Skype show with a costumer who turns out to have a hidden agenda. The young cam slut gives a little tease and flirts with the guy watching when he tells her to gag herself. Self-gagging is not something Anne want to do so she kindly turns down his request to shut herself up. The guy insist to see Anne gagged and tells her that it will be either her gagging herself on cam or him coming over to gag her in real life. Anne is shocked to see her address posted in the chat field. She definitely don't wanna risk getting gagged by this stalker who has her address and so Anne is relentlessly forced to abide the costumer's request to gag herself with knee-high socks, worn panties and sticky white painters tape!