lørdag den 23. januar 2016

Reina in: Seriously Self-Gagged

What's a naughty girl to do when she's bored and kinky? Sexy southern sweetheart Reina decides to get comfortable and do some serious self-gagging to keep her big mouth shut. Reina takes off her polka-dotted panties and slowly stuffs them in her mouth. She moans like a good girl with her own panties stuffed in her mouth and grabs a roll of sticky silver duct tape. Reina slaps one long strip of tape after another over her pantystuffed mouth until she's made herself a really big silencing tapegag! The southern beauty makes a lot of muffled mmpphhing sounds while shutting herself up and puts on her sexy begging eyes with her mouth stuffed up and gagged. Reina gets up, takes off her see-through nylon pantyhose and cuts them in two. She pull the pantyhose down over her tapegagged face and fully encase her head with them! Reina looks fantastic with her sexy tapegag showing behind the pantyhose encasement but she is not done with her self-gagging yet. Reina wrap several layers of duct tape over her nylon taped mouth and all the way around her head TIGHT and now she's sitting there massively gagged and unable talk with a serious multilayered gag smothering anything she tries to say!


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