søndag den 17. januar 2016

Kendra, Roxie & Maria in: Forced Foot Worship For Sockgagged Girlfriend

Kendra Lynn, Roxie Rae and Maria Marley just got home from the shopping mall. Maria takes off her shoes and complain about how sore her feet is for walking around all day. Kendra and Roxie offer Maria a foot massage and immediately start rubbing her feet. Maria think it's rather strange that her girlfriends willingly want to massage her feet and she don't really accept their offer before they begin. Kendra and Roxie each pull off one of Maria's socks when Maria notice how Roxie discretely sniff the sock she just took off. Maria is appaled and questions Roxie why she would do such a thing while both Kendra and Roxie starts sniffing her bare feet.


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